Love Will Find A Way

Love Will Find A Way

One of my favorite songs is “I Believe” by Blessid Union of Souls. The lyrics “love will find a way” are a big part of the song. The song ends with the lyrics, “Please love find the way”.

Eliot Sloan, the lead vocalist/pianist of the group, wrote the song because of a girl he once dated named Lisa. Lisa’s father threatened to cut off her college tuition unless she stopped seeing Eliot, an African American. Eliot wrote the now famous lyrics:

I’ve been seeing Lisa now for a little over a year
She said she’s never been so happy but Lisa lives in fear
That one day daddy’s gonna find out she’s in love
With a nigger from the streets
Oh how he would lose it then but she’s still here with me
‘Cause she believes that love will see it through
And one day he’ll understand
And he’ll see me as a person not just a black man.

Eliot Sloan said “when I sing ‘love will find a way’, I mean ‘God will find a way'”.

Since the time of these lyrics, the United States of America has elected a black president and made huge strides toward ending racism. There is still much to do to end racism, but the progress is phenomenal.

Going from Amistad, Antebellum type slavery to racism being totally shunned by society is a huge win for love. Sadly, the same cannot be said yet for speciesism.

Right now there is more animal suffering in the world than there has ever been. Speciesism is at an all time high. But deep down, I truly believe that love will find a way.

I tell people that if the heart of a man can be judged by how he treats animals, what does it say about me when I sent thousands of animals through factory farms? What I did was evil. I know that now.

Thank God I changed and turned away from my evil ways. God is using me to end speciesism. I realized the error of speciesism and I have started speaking out for the animals who have no voice. If God can change my heart, then I know God can change the heart of other people. If God can change the heart of other people, then I know the idea of following the Golden Rule of “treating animals how we would want to be treated if we were them” will spread and it will happen.

I believe that love will see it through and one day society will see animals as children of God instead of pieces of meat. Love Will Find A WayThe Golden Rule movement will be a long, tough journey. But love will find a way. And by love, I mean God.

Please love find the way.

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